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The Driller Killer (1979)

The Driller Killer A struggling New York artist, increasingly troubled by the seemingly easy success of those around him and frustrated by his own failures, slowly goes insane while he and his roommates struggle to pay their mounting bills. He continues to hold his mounting anger inside and doesn’t talk about his dark and violent […]

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60s, Comedy, Dance Dance Dance, Drama, Movies, music, Romance

Wild Guitar (1962)

This movie is actually less exciting than that horrible poster makes it out to be. Motorcycle riding, poor Elvis impersonator and idol wannabe Bud Eagle arrives in California looking for his big break in the music industry. Of course he gets it (and his dream girl), but along the way has to deal with a […]

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80s, Dance Dance Dance, Horror, Monsters, Movies, music, Mystery

Lone Wolf (1988)

The small town of Fairview is suddenly plagued by a string of deaths that the local police are attributing to wild dog attacks. But when some local college students become victims of these violent crimes, some of their classmates start to become skeptical of the official reports. The more they dig into the death of […]

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