The Wizard

The Wizard is about a kid named Jimmy and his brother. Jimmy is a child with problems. What they are is never clearly explained, but it is implied that he has some sort of mental disorder, most likely autism. All Jimmy wants to do is go to California, but his constant efforts to run away and do so land him in an institution. Wanting to give his brother what he wants, older brother Cory breaks him out...

Flesh Eating Mothers

A quiet suburban neighborhood is turned upside down one day when all the nice, normal mothers suddenly start inexplicably deciding that everyone around them looks deliciously yummy. It’s up to a renegade cop, a suspiciously short medical examiner and the all the murderous mothers’ teenage offspring (at least the ones who were smart enough to … Continue reading Flesh Eating Mothers

Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Catherine Spages is preparing for the first communion of her young, popular daughter, Karen, while simultaneously trying to fend off the jealousy the event is causing in her older daughter, Alice. Alice, it turns out, is anything but sweet. She’s an outcast, sullen, has problems at school and is prone to tantrums. So when Karen … Continue reading Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Shadows Run Black (1984)

Movie Reviews by a Mook

Kevin Costner is in this movie as a main character, but he wasn’t even listed in the credits. Seriously, he’s completely left out. They remembered Ambulance Driver #1 but not him.

Shadows Run Black is a “crime thriller” which is really just a slasher film that doesn’t want to admit it’s a slasher film. It’s also not a good slasher film, but we’ll get to that. Basically, the premise is a masked man all in black murders women and makes harassing phone calls to one lady about how he’s her father or some such nonsense. Meanwhile our chosen final girl is a woman in an interracial relationship but whose racist brother is totally trying to stop because he’s trying to be “both her father and her mother.” That’s an exact line. Yes, it sounds gross when he says it.

Look, I’m just gonna go ahead and ruin the twist: the…

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