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Demonia (1990)

Demonia A group of Canadian archaeologists are sent to a small town in Sicily, as part of a survey team meant to study some ancient Greek ruins. But team member Liza is far more captivated by the nearby ruins of an abandoned medieval monastery that sits on a hill right outside their dig sight. But […]

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60s, Drama, Horror?, Movies, Mystery, Thriller

The College Girl Murders (1967)

The College Girl Murders AKA: A Monk with a Whip An all girl’s school is thrown into turmoil when one of their members suddenly drops dead during a church service. Everyone is stunned, and then baffled, when the police come back some days later, suddenly declaring she was murdered. While the police and her classmates […]

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80s, Child Killers, Dead Things, Drama, Horror, Movies

Madhouse (1981)

Madhouse AKA: There Was A Little Girl Julia Sullivan is a beloved teacher at a school for the deaf in Savannah, Georgia. She’s kind, patient, and has a loving boyfriend named Sam, who just so happens to be a doctor. She’s basically got the kind of nice, calm, comfortable life that most people would envy. […]

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