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Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009) — Movie Reviews by a Mook

If you own a failing farm, and you find a secret room in your barn with a scarecrow stuffed away inside, and your kid then claims it’s evil, do you put it up? Fuck no! You burn that bitch to the ground, salt the freaking earth, and move to the next God damn county, because […] […]

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Blood Harvest (1987)

Blood Harvest Jill Robinson, visiting her hometown from college, arrives in town to find her welcome anything but warm. The poor economy has caused the local bank to foreclose on several of the nearby farms, causing tension amongst the citizenry. The brunt of the backlash seems to be targeted at Jill’s father, whose job is […]

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Wanderer (2015)

A young backpacker runs out of water and asks if he can rent a room for the night at the remote farmhouse of a couple who live out in the middle of nowhere in the California desert. Everything’s fine until partway through dinner when seemingly innocent dinner conversation about happiness spirals into some very awkward […]

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