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Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (2010)

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil It’s 1939 and Danny Coogan is a depressed young man living in California. He wants nothing more than to head off to Europe so he can fight some Nazi scum, but a nasty polio outbreak when he was younger left him with a permanent limp and a rejection letter from […]

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Horror Castle (1963)

Horror Castle AKA: Das Schloss Des Gralens AKA: La vergine di Norimberga AKA: The Virgin of Nuremberg I decided I wanted to watch something a little different, so I turned to TCM, because while the mention of that station may bring forth mental images of Casablanca, truth be told, they play all sorts of shit. […]

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Death Ship (1980)

A cruise ship, on its voyage home, is rammed by an unknown vessel and destroyed during the night. The nine survivors lie adrift for a while in the vast ocean before coming upon a rusty old freighter that seems to appear out of nowhere. The survivors manage to board the ship, only to find it covered in cobwebs and suspiciously deserted.

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