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Dreamaniac (1986)

Dreamaniac Adam is an occult fanatic with dreams of being a successful heavy metal musician. But he’s also the type of guy who wants quick success without having to put in any of the work. So he finds a demonic spell-book, says a quick prayer to the dark lord, and from that somehow miraculously manages […]

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The Zero Boys (1986) — Movie Reviews by a Mook

1980s America. What a fantastic place it was, where any white kid could get a gun and try to solve the world’s problems. Red Dawn, Born American, Savage Streets…the kids end up highly armed and, well, often times dead. Wasn’t it grand? Enter The Zero Boys. Steve, Larry, and Rip are a paintball team known […] […]

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TerrorVision (1986)

TerrorVision is about an alien garbage heap/pet/ball of slime, that in the process of being destroyed gets dematerialized and accidentally gets broadcast into some poor yuppie’s satellite dish. Chaos and slimy deaths ensue. Actually the characters were already pretty slimy to begin with. The monster just helped them along into their more natural state of being. […]

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