Silent Rage (1982)

BS. The only thing you destroyed was a bar.

Somewhere down in Texas, a mentally ill man, John Kirby, brutally kills two people. A scuffle breaks out between him and the police and Kirby is shot. Kirby is on the verge of death, with nothing any known medical science can do to save him. But instead of letting him die, one of the doctors gives him an experimental serum meant to enhance cellular strength and regeneration. As expected, the choice  to give the homicidal maniac super invulnerability proves to be a poor one.

You can just tell he idolized Dr. Frankenstein growing up.

Silent Rage is a horribly dull horror movie starring Chuck Norris, whose usual flurry of kicks and punches are seen here as more of an afterthought than the main attraction. The film even gives him a bunch of rowdy bikers to beat up, who, as far as I can tell, were added for the sole purpose of livening up the film. But the choreography and pacing is so half-hearted that even a bar-room brawl scene comes off as dull.

Instead, we’re forced to wait for Kirby to wake up and go on a rampage before anything interesting happens, and even then it’s not anything we haven’t seen before. The serum not only turns him into an indestructible killing machine, but an indestructible killing machine that’s watched too many horror movies, as he has no originality and seems intent on recreating scenes from other, better films.

Hey, wait, you’re not Shelley Duvall
I agree, Lady. He clashes horribly with the rest of the decor.

It would help if the characters had some sort of interesting personality, but with the exception of the scientists, whose scenes are few and far between, everybody falls flat. Norris is about as stiff as a piece of petrified wood. The female lead is pretty much just there for him to oggle at like some sort of creeper. The bikers motivation doesn’t go farther than ‘Imma drink and beat up the sheriff, her-dur.’ And poor Stephen Furst is once again typecast as the the bumbling dolt, almost accidentally shooting Norris less than 10 seconds after showing up on screen.

If only his aim had been better.

Sadly, Silent Rage is just…dull. It takes too long to get going, there’s too many extraneous plot points and when the film finally does get to the ‘meat’ of what it’s supposed to be about, it antagonizing draws out scenes to the point where you just want to tell it to ‘get on with it!’ Even the fights, which might have actually had a chance to be slightly entertaining, (this is Chuck Noris after all) are uninspired and feel like they’re only there to draw the length of the film out. If you like martial arts and horror films, then this might be an interesting curiosity to you, but I feel most everyone else will feel it poorly lives up to either genre.

Silent Rage is available on a variety of streaming services, including free on Tubi TV.

It is also available on DVD and Bluray.

There is also a Rifftrax version.



3 thoughts on “Silent Rage (1982)

    1. Thank you!
      And yeah, it’s….not great. I was hoping to be at least partially amused by some punches and spin kicks, but alas, twas not to be. The Rifftrax version makes it all more bearable though, so if you change your mind, maybe give that one a try instead.

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