I Know Who Killed Me (2007)


I Know Who Killed Me is about a young student named Aubrey Fleming. She’s a small town girl living a peaceful little life until the day she gets abducted by a creepy killer who likes to wear blue. Miraculously, unlike the unfortunate previous victim, Aubrey turns up alive and well, minus a couple of appendages. She also returns with a new personality, that of exotic dancer Dakota Moss. Her parents and the authorities think the trauma has made her completely loose her mind, but when strange wounds suddenly start appearing on her body Aubrey becomes even more desperate to figure out what’s going on before the killer manages to finish her off.

For anyone curious about this movie, a quick online search will show them that I Know Who Killed Me has a rather horrible reputation. But, believe it or not, this movie wasn’t half bad. In fact, I found it to be pretty good.

Say whaaaaa?

The first thing you’re going to notice about this film, so I’m just going to get it out of the way now, is the color blue. It’s everywhere and I mean everywhere. The killer is blue. The killer’s knives are blue. Lindsay is blue.


Walls are blue. Creepy-ass bus stops are blue:

Seriously, honey, that wall looks like it’s covered in blood. GO. SOMEWHERE. ELSE.

Aubrey’s clothes are blue

My therapist wants me to write down what I’m feeling today? I’m
going to go with…blue.

There’s at least one instance when it gets tired of blue and switches to grayscale and blue

Movie: “I give you….Art!”

Did I mention Lindsay was blue?

A refresher in case you missed it.

You get the picture.

Often the movie uses this color scheme to its benefit by way of some very pretty contrasting segments.

Oh, thank god. I was starting to worry the set designer was red/green color blind.

But really, it likes to focus more on the blue. The movie does differentiate between Aubrey and Dakota by giving them separate color schemes. Aubrey gets good girl blue. Dakota bad girl red. But for the most part: blue. It’s all heavily symbolic, but I can see how this color choice could be a bit overpowering to some.

The movie also has a surprising amount of blood and gore and isn’t afraid to show it. In fact, there are a couple of scenes where it almost revels in it, to the point where one could say it verges on torture porn.

Dry ice…hand…skin…peeling…GAH!

The camera lingers on these scenes and it’s all very squirm worthy. You are not permitted a break as the blue gloved killer peels back the ice and slowly cuts off a frostbitten finger. It’s gruesome and very voyeuristic, making it all the more uncomfortable.

Of course, that means that you spend a lot of time watching Aubrey/Dakota deal with her missing limbs. The camera doesn’t shy away from showing you the dismembered limbs, but those moments are short. Aubrey/Dakota quickly gets a new mechanical arm and leg to help her function. Something I’m sure had the added benefit of saving on CGI costs.

Who the hell’s insurance covers bionic arms? Seriously, somebody tell me. I must know.

As far as the acting goes, that was a bit of a mixed bag. After hearing so many people give Lohan so much flack I was surprised how tolerable she was here. She pulls off the dichotomy of the two separate identities quite admirably. Not perfectly, mind you, but admirably. There were a few times when I noticed her eyes give off a glossy, not-quite-there look. It was most notable in the stripping scenes. Her eyes would kind of glaze and you could tell she had gone to her happy place, probably because she wasn’t too comfortable up there on that pole. And to answer any of your lingering questions, no, she is at no point topless in this film. Despite the strip pole you will see no Lohan boobies. You will see other boobies, but not Lohans.

As for the other characters, they sort of run the gamut. There’s a lot of under acting and, in some cases, overacting in this movie. Some of the latter of which can be down right hysterical.


Probably the worse cases of these are the mother and Aubrey’s boyfriend. Poor Julia Ormond is just trying too damn hard. It’s a bit disappointing, as she’s accumulated quite a decent little amount of acting award nominations. And there is one scene where I felt she was quite impressive

And surprisingly touching.

So I’m not sure what was going on there.

And I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that Aubrey would be dating such a lunkhead like Jarred. He’s just too much of a dolt. She seems completely disinterested in him mentally and physically, so other than some amputee-sex with Dakota I’m not sure what his purpose is. Is he supposed to come off as being that blah? Then why would Aubrey date him? Alas, an annoying plot hole that will never be answered.

As is the question of where all those blue roses came from

One other thing I’d like to mention about this movie is the music. Say what you will about the plot, cinematography, and acting, but the music was spot on and gorgeous. Hell, I sat through the closing credits just so I could listen to the whole thing. The entire score adds a level of class to a film that probably doesn’t deserve it. It’s really quite fabulous. Here’s the soundtrack score suite. Do give it a listen.

I must admit, this movie was a pleasant surprise. Despite its many flaws, the mystery is intriguing, the movie is pretty to look at and it is, for the most part, decently acted. It’s by no means a perfect film, but I don’t feel it quite deserves the full weight of the bad reputation it has weighing it down. It reminds me a bit of Jennifer’s Body, another movie that had an excellent premise that it just couldn’t quite live up to. It has its issues, but if you like mystery-thrillers, like films with a strong use of color, and can appreciate the slightly campy vibe than it’s something you can look more into.

Oh, and yes, at one point Lindsay does exclaim, “I know who killed me.” Which I thought was actually a nice touch, corny as it sounds, as it reminds me of some Italian thrillers. Slight conundrum though, as no one’s dead when she says it (except for that poor girl at the beginning of the movie) and she doesn’t really have a clue who the killer is. The more I think about it, the more I feel it was added just for the hell of it. Just an interesting final thought I had.

I Know Who Killed Me is currently available to rent on Amazon Prime.

It has also received a DVD and Bluray release.



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